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2024 Pet Trends to Watch

 It wasn’t so long ago that people viewed pets as property – something they “owned.” Thankfully those days are long behind us, with pet parents embracing their furry children as just that…their children.    We’ve come a long way in terms of understanding animal psychology, behavior and better ways to parent the pets we care for. You can see a lot of that science going to good, practical use through the 2023 Pet Innovation Awards.    


Today I want to dive into the trends (already here and right around the corner) that are revolutionizing the special bond between humans and their animals! I’ll also introduce you to a little of the genius behind the 2023 Pet Innovation Award winners and some leading pet brands shaping a new era for pets. 


Sustainable practices for pets and their humans. 

Mindless consumption, waste and use of non-sustainable resources are out! Thoughtful purchases are in. You should expect to see a growing boom of truly sustainable products.   There are many products that are being environmentally friendly, use ethical sourcing, and green manufacturing practices.    I’ve seen some incredible products on the market. Here’s a few of my faves — and one of my own. *wink*  

· Sofa City Sweethearts plastic ID tags are made using a plant-based, environmentally friendly plastic material.    

· EcoBark: Known for their eco-friendly dog harnesses made from recycled water bottles and other sustainable materials.   

· Beco Pets: Beco offers a range of eco-friendly pet products, including toys and bowls made from natural materials like bamboo and rubber.     


1. Sustainable materials and manufacturing practices 

 P.L.A.Y is a B Corp that uses recycled plastic bottles to create many of their products, including dog beds and toys! Fun fact: Their plushies meet the same standards as infant/children safety standards!   

 ▪ The dooLoop makes lugging your dog’s poop a hands-free job. It’s a simple and non-toxic device made of recycled plastic and packaging. This innovative hands-free dog walking accessory helps you do your ‘dooty,’ times two: being a good citizen by picking up after your dog and putting recycled materials to good use.    

 Sofa City Sweethearts ID tags are 3D printed, using a a plant-based and biodegradable plastic material.  


2. Sustainable protein sources in pet food and treats

We’re getting beyond the yick factor! People are more open to adding insects and bugs to their diet (just look at insect protein powder and insect flour!). I find it incredibly interesting and intriguing.    Pet food and treats are looking at these natural, sustainable protein sources, too. Here are three companies adding insects, invasive species and other non-traditional protein to their pet food.    ▪ Protenga makes a premium insect protein for Fido. 

 Scout and Zoe’s sells a wide range of insect and invasive species-packed nutrition for cats and dogs.  

 American Ostrich Farms makes dog treats from humanely-raised and sustainable (less waste and water than beef) ostriches.    


3. Pet parents want help parenting while working from home

Despite the push to get people back in their offices, the work-from-home trend is here to stay. Working from home provide comfort to anxious pets, a more stable and calm environment for them,  the ability to monitor medical conditions and provide care throughout the day, and so much more.   These workers have unique pet dilemmas, like barking during conference calls, pets chewing on office furniture or supplies, or a toy being placed in your lap at an inopportune time.  There’s ample opportunity for distraction, in this environment. But also great opportunities to provide training and behavioral guidance. 


4. Holistic health approaches to pet care. 

Another trend we’ll continue to see deepen and broaden in the pet space is a focus on holistic health with expert formulations. Issues like gut health, anxiety, and depression are being approached from a complementary, holistic approach.    Companies like bSerene are creating calming solutions. There are also probiotic grooming products to take care of our pet’s skins. Skout’s Honor Pet Supply Co. is a leader in this space of caring as much about what we put on our pet’s bodies as well as what we put in it. Pets are even getting a water upgrade. OxyPet offers oxygenated water, which has been shown to amp up the immune system and support bones & joints, as well as digestion.    

Holistic health will continue to boom. We’ll probably even see services like reiki healing and pet aura photography.  


5. Becoming one with Mother Nature. 

Advancements in green technology, such as solar energy, wind power, and eco-friendly transportation, are becoming more accessible and widely adopted.     These trends indicate a collective desire to reconnect with nature, promote sustainability, and create a harmonious balance between the human-made world and the natural environment.   We’re taking our pet care back to nature too.    Similar to holistic health and sustainability, we’re seeing and will continue to see a respect for nature with pet food that have no fillers, are human-grade, and focus on the nutritional health of pets.  Think freeze dried, dehydrated and raw foods.    Some companies doing pet food differently include Portland Pet Food Company, The Honest Kitchen and Vital Essentials.  There you have it – my guide to what we can expect in the world of pets in 2024 and beyond!    I’m incredibly excited about what’s to come, including expanding my own product line to include even more environmentally-sourced materials.   


One thing is for sure. Humans are continuously finding ways to improve the lives of the pets in their care. And that’s something I can always get behind.    

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