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Pawsitively Clearing the Air: Answering Your Top 5 Questions about our ID Tags

At Sofa City Sweethearts, I get that being a pet parent means being a little careful – and sometimes even a little skeptical – when you’re deciding what ‘stuff’ your pet actually needs. You’ve got to juggle a lot of decisions, balancing your pet’s personality, health, and well-being, plus the practicalities of budget and lifestyle.  I've had lots of feedback and so many incredible conversations with my customers and I think I’ve found the top 5 questions pet parents tend to ask us about selecting the best pet tag for your fur pals.



All the ‘Yes, Buts…’ About Buying Our ID Tags


I get it. You love your pet. You know them like no one else can, and when some new pet product comes your way, you wonder whether or not it’s actually a good fit. You know your pet's individual quirks and have to be skeptical that you won’t be throwing money away on something your pet won’t like, or risking your pet's safety.


  Here are our Top 5 questions we get from people who are curious about our ID tags:   

“Yes, I've been thinking about your products, but… 

Q: My dog loves the water. Are your tags waterproof?

A: Though we cannot predict the ways in which our pets are capable of destroying the products we buy for them (*looking at the bin of half-eaten toys we have), our tags are treated with a thick waterproof coating, to protect the image and personalized info from scratches and, yes, water. 

Q: I worry the twist-on tag will be too large for my cat (or toy breed dog). Do you have a smaller size?

A. The small sized tag is typically a good size for cats. But I am in the process of creating an xs tag, that will accommate smaller collars (1/4-1/2 inch in width). I am currently testing this item. If you feel this size would be a good fit for you, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to have you as one of my product testers.


Q: I want to try the silent tag, but my dog's collar is 1 1/2" wide and your large size fits 1 inch. Can you make a larger tag?

A: This is a very common question I'm asked. Because of the shape of this tag, increasing the collar slot also increases the overall size. The tag becomes an extremely large and impractical for daily use. Believe me. I've done lots of testing with hilarious results. Hit me up for some pics of a tag that's as large as my hand. LOL. In this case, I recommend one of our hanging style tags. They can be used on any collar or harness that has a D ring attachment, and you are able to select the appropriate size for your pet.


Q: My dog already has a Pethub account. Do I have to start a new profile if I buy a tag from you?

A: No. You can simply scan your new tag and choose to add this QR code to your existing pet profile. It's incredibly quick and simple. 


Q: My cat doesn't wear a collar, because I'm scared of him/her being injured. How can I safely use an ID tag on my cat?

A: I absolutely understand the fear. The idea that the unthinkable could happen to our beloved pets, especially because of something we did, is too horrific to think about. Fortunately there are products on the market that can provide the peace of mind you seek. Breakaway and quick-release collars are an excellent way to keep your cat protected with an ID tag, but not present any danger of a cat collar becoming snagged. ID tags are crucial to pet safety, in the event your feline fam gets out unexpectedly. Utilizing a safety collar is an easy way to check all of the safety boxes needed to keep your pets home without jeopardizing their physical safety.

Don’t let unanswered questions stand between you and what your pets need.

Remember, at Sofa City Sweethearts, I'm not just about the products. I'm about creating a fun and exciting way to keep your pets safe while showcasing their unique personalities.

If you still have questions, I'm happy to answer them! Catch me at and I will provide you any information I can to ease your concerns.


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