HELLO My Name Is Scannable QR ID Tag for Cats and Dogs- Powered by PetHub. Free Online Pet Profile

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Sofa City Sweethearts has partnered with PetHub. PetHub QR ID Tags offer the most affordable, comprehensive pet protection available.

Each tag includes a free 24/7 Found Pet Hotline and a smartphone scannable QR code linked to a free online pet profile containing critical medical and pet owner information.

The moment a Good Samaritan finds your pet and calls the number on the back of the tag -- you are instantly notified.

Optional upgrades include PetHub's Community Alert System, "Lost Pet" posters, Instant Email Notifications with GPS Mapping and Emergency Medical Insurance for lost pets.

PetHub Features: *Smartphone scannable QR code links to custom pet profile *Free 24/7 Toll-free Found Pet Hotline *Notification of when & where your pet is found *Provide easy access to critical medical & contact data.

PLEASE NOTE- The Found Pet Hotline number is 855-411-0123. You may choose to place this on your tag, or you can add your own contact info. Please specify your choice at checkout.

Sofa City Sweethearts tags are a great gift for your favorite four legged friend! They're sealed with resin, to protect from water or scratches and built to last.

▴ MATERIALS ▴ SILVER- Our silver tags are an alloy base, with sterling silver plating. These tags are shiny and have a jewelry-like appearance. Our silver tags are available in both round and square.

We are over the road long haul truckers. Our dog goes OTR with us. This tag is replacing an old tag and works perfectly. We have his medical records uploaded to the site incase of emergency son can make them public so our dog can get emergency help from vets. Also love when QR code is scanned a location is sent to us for his location. Not only is this good for if he is missing but also to know if someone scanned his tag without us knowing for our personal information. Tag is perfect. Thank you ❤️

Perfect small size for our small puppy!

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