Ecoplastic Bow Tie Collar Clip-You Choose Color and Size

$ 12.99

Sofa City Sweethearts pet accessories are a great gift for your favorite four legged friend! They're bright, lightweight and built to last.
Choose a color.
Multiple clips can be worn at once.

Clips can be attached to collars, harnesses, leashes, etc.
The only limit is your imagination.

ECOPLASTIC-Our ecoplastic tags are made from plant material. They are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Ecoplastic Features:
*Easy to attach and remove
*Bright and highly visible
*Highly Durable

Tie Dimentions:
LARGE: W: 45.8mm (1.8")
D: 105.5 mm (4.15")
H: 10.0 mm (0.39)
SMALL: W: 35.4mm (1.39")
D: 81.6mm(3.21")
H:10.2mm (0.40")

Clip Sizes:

Model: Benny, The Beagle. 27lbs

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