Collection: Silent, No Tug Personalized ID Tags

Discover lasting joy with our Sofa City Sweethearts customizable pet tags—a perfect gift for your furry companion! Sealed with resilient resin to withstand water and scratches, these tags are designed for longevity. Personalize it with your pet's name and your contact information at no extra cost.

🌟 Features:

No metal split rings
Twist directly over collar or harness
📏 Sizes:

Large: Fits collars/harnesses up to 1" wide
Small: Fits collars/harnesses up to 3/4" wide
💫 Glow in the Dark Option:
Choose our unique glow-in-the-dark tags for added visibility. The tag appears translucent/white in daylight and emits a green glow in the dark after exposure to direct light. The glow duration depends on the amount of light the tag receives.

🌿 Materials:
Crafted from environmentally friendly ecoplastic, our tags are biodegradable, ensuring a sustainable choice for your pet.

Please note: The cursive name font features a lowercase 'L.' If you prefer a different font, simply let us know. Elevate your pet's style and safety—order your Sofa City Sweethearts twist tag today!