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Introducing Sofa City Sweethearts x PetHub Collaboration: Elevate Your Pet's Safety!

Ensure your furry friend's protection with our exclusive PetHub QR ID Tags. These tags are not just stylish accessories; they are a powerful tool to keep your pet safe and secure.

Key Features: πŸ” Free 24/7 Found Pet Hotline πŸ“± Smartphone scannable QR code linked to a free online pet profile πŸ“ž Instant notification when a Good Samaritan finds your pet πŸ“ Optional upgrades for added layers of security

PetHub Features: ✨ Smartphone scannable QR code πŸ“ž Free 24/7 Toll-free Found Pet Hotline πŸ“ Notification of when and where your pet is found πŸ“‹ Easy access to critical medical and contact data

Customization: Personalize your tag with your pet's name and contact information at no extra cost.

Prioritize your pet's safety and style – order your Sofa City Sweethearts PetHub QR ID Tag today! Make a statement that goes beyond fashion; it's about protecting the ones you love. 🐾✨ #PetSafety #SofaCitySweethearts #PetHubCollab